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     Updated 11/01/2014

     It is almost a decade since Stephenie Meyer’s genre-busting archetype-twisting début novel Twilight was published.  Now that this much-loved yet contentious saga is definitely over and RPatz and KStew have gone their separate ways (or have they?) perhaps it is time for a reassessment.

     Fans of hardcore horror and esoteric gothicism will feel vaguely violated by this dilution of Vampire Mythology for the Young Adult market but Twilight heroine, Bella Swan is as clingy as a Spider Monkey 😉

     Unfortunately Twilight’s magnificent PR campaign will forever be superior to its subject and style – melodramatic teen diary destined to alienate literary-minded adults.  It also commits the unfortunate crime of being a mere introduction to better things to come.

     Heroine Bella details her chores one minute and snipes about her perfectly nice and ordinary classmates the next.  She may be a necessary empty vessel for imaginative readers but teens in supernatural fiction do not need to be naïve and two-dimensional.  Buffy “The Vampire Slayer”  Summers and her “Scooby Gang” friends, for example, are smart, silly,complex, endearing and inspirational whilst coping with universal issues presented as intelligent allegory.

     Twilight is poorly paced with minimal plot so, with hindsight, the entire saga could have been easily condensed into just one or two superior event-driven novels.

     Edward has obvious if bland “boyband” appeal but the supposedly enigmatic Cullen clan loiter insipidly in the background throughout the first installment.

     Twilight is still absolute bobbins but you’ll be hooked regardless!

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