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     Updated 25/01/2014

     We’re three books – and three reviews in – yet The Twilight Saga refuses staunchly to improve or evolve as its little flashes of brilliance are swamped with so much melodramatic waffle.

     Stephenie Meyer obviously missed the writer’s workshop on “show, don’t tell” because those pages of circular dialogue do not equal plot momentum.

     An inspired chapter on Quileute folklore provides too brief a respite and elevation by delivering a tantalising glimpse into a better book that never was.  More of this and less of Bella might have given the saga more depth to match its breadth.

     Meyer has an unfortunate habit of disappointing readers with ideas and plot-strands which fail to flourish.  She denies Bella the opportunity to embrace the fate of The Third Wife thus denying Eclipse its chance of  genuine mythic relevance.

     Too many of Eclipse’s significant events and action scenes fail to receive the benefit of build-up.  A large concluding battle narrated secondhand is unforgivable.

     Meyer’s work still fails to feel tangible because the world beyond her main players is sketchy and inconsistent.  Jasper’s personality transplant from Cullen black-sheep to seasoned military veteran is simply a plot convenience.

     Twilight continues to feel like a saga stretched too far.

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