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     Updated 28/01/2014

     It’s almost a decade since Stephenie Meyer’s first Twilight novel was published and here is the last review of our four book retrospective…

     Breaking Dawn is undoubtedly the most mature and entertaining book in the series with more incident, action and horror than all the previous volumes put together.

     Discerning fans might try to excuse, scan or simply ignore Edward and Bella’s nauseating honeymoon and enjoy instead Jacob’s first person narration of the birth of their monster offspring.

     The Twililght Series has always tended to be a little tame and anaemic but by introducing that classic horror staple – the “demon-child” – Meyer invigorates the tale creating, arguably, a better starting-point for the entire series.

     Unfortunately Meyer bungles the ending by rushing the introductions to an influx of interesting new characters and building-up to another battle that is ultimately subverted, an error which the movie adaptation sought fittingly to put right.  The law-court style finale is full of holes whilst Bella’s new super-powers and Alice’s timely arrival are lazy and convenient contrivances.

     Of course this series has entertained but the premise has been superior to the execution and Meyer’s moralising frequently blunders towards patronising.  Is it ever a good idea to promote marriage straight out of school because you are desperate to have sex?   

     the hysteria has waned and new franchises jostle for the limelight The Twilight Saga’s grown-up fans may look back and wonder what all the fuss was about.

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