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     Here is a magical little something for fans of Once Upon A Time and Grimm.

     Do you remember The 10th Kingdom…


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Hey everyone, this is a blog that will talk in general about fashion, t-shirt design, and the small business that I own (teacuptease) with my girlfriend (Taylor). A little about the direction of our shop, we are vintage clothing, as well as accessories, t-shirts we designed ourselves, and clothing that has been made a piece of art (pic related).

Taylors skeleton dress [sold]:

For a look at some of the current dresses/inventory at our shop, here is the etsy url: http://www.etsy.com/shop/teacuptease

Thanks for reading!


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Steampunk Tea Party

Brilliant stuff!


The Mad Steampunk Tea Party

  • I like steampunk & Carroll =-)

    WIP of the illustration that won in The CorelDRAW Design Contest » (Category General Illustration & Fine Art)

  • Fragments of the illustration:

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     Keep visiting my Gallery for new carefully selected images.

     Just click the pic …

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Just amazing!

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Empress of Aliens

Can I have one too? She’s quite a find x


Another stunning doll from designer Bill Greening!  She is stunning and will most certainly mesmerize any human or alien alike !!  She will soon be released  (June 2012) and I can’t wait to get my hands on her!  

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     There is just over a month to go until the release of Snow White and The Huntsman.  In the meantime feast your eyes upon this extended trailer/clip x


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