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     After throwing myself enthusiastically (if rather haphazardly) into the deep-end of the Blogpool I am thrilled to find myself swimming… without arm-bands!

     I would like to say a huge thank you to Morgan Mussel of The First Gates for presenting me with The Versatile Blogger Award.  Please click on his name to link to a wonderful website.

     I am getting to grips with my responsibilities as an award winner so more on this soon!

     I think this is the moment where I curtsey and shuffle off stage left 😉

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     Updated 26/03/2015

     Click the picture (Brian Froud’s The Power of The Dark Crystal) to view lots more inspiring faerie art.

     Please feel free to share Lily’s selected images and keep checking the Gallery for new additions.

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A huge thank you to Stacy Blaise for sharing this amazing vid. Marilyn AND Johnny! Gentlemen please! You are spoiling us!

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These kids ROCK! Especially the little girl on the drums!


(via Buzzfeed)

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