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     An interesting little curio for you starring a young Christina Ricci …


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A lovely film. Thanks to The Warden’s Walk for reminding of it. xx

The Warden's Walk

Title:The Secret of Kells (2010) IMDb
Director: Tomm Moore (yes, two M’s)
Voice Actors: Evan McGuire, Christen Mooney, Brendan Gleeson, Mick Lally
Score Composer: Bruno Coulais
Length: 75 minutes
Rating (US): No MPAA rating; suitable for older children, but beware of a few very intense, scary sequences, including an implied slaughter of village folk
Spoiler-free Synopsis: In the Irish monastic community at Kells, young Brendan dreams of becoming a master illuminator, but is frustrated by his Abbot’s obsession with fortifying against the Vikings over book-keeping. Brendan’s hopes are raised when a kooky old monk (and master illuminator!) arrives in Kells with a beautiful and unfinished Bible. In order to help with the book and learn illumination, Brendan must venture outside the walls of Kells, where he meets Aisling, the Fair Folk spirit of the forest. Unfortunately, the Vikings aren’t far behind…
Reason for Watching: It was this movie’s Oscar…

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Wonderful inspiring work from Bree xx

Bree Reetz

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Updated 27/11/2015

Absurdly Nerdly

This Stormtrooper as Superman just made my day.  Star Wars – Super Trooper by rhymesyndicate. [via]

And enjoy this Superman cosplay.

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