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     As a winner of The Versatile Blogger Award I am thrilled to present further accolades to the following Blogsprites.

     Congratulations everyone! xxx


     Crazy, sweet, shiny, happy… a little WordPress world of  candy-hued loveliness.


     By an Alice fan for Alice fans.  I’m a fan 😉


     Beautiful places, beautiful pictures, beautiful blog.

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Tiana Setka's Divination Blog

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I found this fantastic artwork on DevianArt. It’s made by hellobaby, such a talented artist. You can see her work here.

Did you noticed that the Fool is a girl? I love that. And this gorgeous outfit she made, wow ! I would use her deck if she decides to make it, don’t you? The only thing I would change is that I will remove the upper frame. As a tarot reader I want my cards to be more ‘clean’, easier to focus and read, and the upper frame is drawing my attention too much.

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Images: © hellobaby on DevianArt

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Wow! I love your blog! I would like you to dress me everyday! I would like to present you with… THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD. For information on what to do next just click the link in the sidebar on my homepage. Congratulations!

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I admire your hardcore reading ethos so I would love to present you with THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD. For information on what to do next click the link in my homepage sidebar. Congratulations!

Cannonball Read IV

I have always harbored an interest in canonical vampire stories, and yet I’d never read any of the Rice Vampire Chronicles. Interview with the Vampire is the first of the Chronicles, and it’s the first of the three that I plan to read (having heard that they decline in quality after Queen of the Damned.) But that’s a discussion for another day.

Interview is written as a memoir of sorts, an account of vampire Louis’ life as he tells it to a mortal boy who records his narrative. The basic outline of Louis’ story is that he is turned in New Orleans by the vampire Lestat, and Louis hereafter searches New Orleans and Europe for answers regarding his vampire nature, and vampire origins. His adventure has several phases that are largely determined by who his immortal companion is at the time: his time in New Orleans is primarily spent…

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Hi guys, I love your work so it gives me great pleasure to present you with THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD! For information on what to do next follow the link on my homepage sidebar. Congratulations x

Sanguinem Emere

This has been bugging me… How exactly does a vampire drink blood? Yes, yes, I know… fangs pierce skin and arteries, arteries expel blood into vampire’s mouth, vampire is fed and content… Fine. But how?

1.       Are a vampire’s fangs curved?

The simple physiology of a vampire is already difficult enough to wrap a rational mind around. If a vampire, with curved fangs, were to bite into a victim’s throat, would the fangs not cause a large deal of damage AND most likely be in the way of any blood? If the vampire’s fangs are not curved, one still has to consider that the fangs would hinder any decent flow of blood.

2.       Do the vampire’s fangs distend?

Are they always out or do they need to be forced out? The latter sounds painful. I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be, such action would have to alter the jaw…

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