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Updated 03/05/2014

     Erikson is a writer at the top of his game with the fourth book of his Malazan series delivering more of the same and then some!

     Fans will be familiar with the author’s distinct style and structure featuring unlikely pairings undertaking strange journeys that impact upon the martial and political landscape in unexpected ways.

     Erikson’s tales mimic the evolution of real history so those who prefer traditional quest-driven yarns may feel frustrated by the lack of conclusions.  There is however a realism and sense of immediacy seldom achieved by the Fantasy genre.

     House of Chains concludes most of The Whirlwind Rebellion plot and getting there is a brilliant, challenging and addictive read.

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Gyb Farm

Now this sounds like my kind of read! Impressive research too. x

Uncanny UK

The reason I bought a Kindle a couple of weeks ago is that I’ve decided to start publishing on it! I’ve launched an imprint called Apparition, tying in with my app development work.

This first book is chock-full of some of the finest, scariest, most bizarre and fascinating true ghost encounters you’re ever likely to read. They all come from the works of George Frederick Lee, a pioneering paranornal researcher whose work is sadly neglected. There is a reason for this (as you’ll learn if you read on) but the result is that very few of his stories have gained wider currency. How the title story, about hideously transformed spirits clawing their way out of the ground to terrify an isolated farmhouse, has escaped attention before now escapes me. Most of the stories are from the UK but many are from the USA and beyond. One of my favourites comes from…

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