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Well, it’s just perfect isn’t it? xx Thank you G of G x

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     I have read Steven Erikson’s first four Malazan novels and would like some advice as to whether or not to continue.  You can read my reviews (published over the last two weeks) on my homepage.

    Your thoughts folks …

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A wonderful and though provoking post from a wonderful Blogsprite.
Pop over there for a visit http://myvoyagethroughtime.wordpress.com

My Voyage Through Time

Today I read a post about The Fool card in Tarot. One of my favorite gals- Lily Wight of The Arcade of Arts & Arcanaposted Tarot art – The Foolon May 9, 2012. I absolutely loved the art work created for that card. Ms. Lily reblogged the tarot post from Tiana Setka’s Divination Blog. After reading the post, I started to contemplate what it means to be foolish? The word foolish can be interpreted in so many ways. The synonyms for the word foolish include: stupid, silly, idiotic, unwise, imprudent, thoughtless, and of course irrational. The antonym for the word foolish is simply wise. At any given time I could be described as all of thee above. Since I take pride in wisdom, how is it that all of thee above can possibly describe me? I am at a loss for words it seems. I guess that…

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