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Storm Corrosion

Thanks for introducing me to Storm Corrosion. It’s the video that caught my eye – amazing animation, I’m sure my visitors will love it (or have sleepless nights!).

Adrenochrome Music

Here as promised.

As with any Supergroup or side project involving big names there is the added pressure to succeed or at least, you’d hope, sound good. Metallica and Lou Reed failed at even this, most pedestrian of accomplishments. Chickenfoot, Black Country Communion and Adrenaline Mob are all concurrent bands among many that have stared down the barrel of Supergroup hype. Storm Corrosion fits into this bracket nicely as it contains two giant names and has, it seems, been on tips of many tongues now for three or four years, and briefly on Mike Portnoy’s until he was once again left out in the cold.

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Cute Pug Puppies!

Here is your gratuitous puppy gif for the weekend. Enjoy x

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     With The Olympics on the way The Brits have gone sports mad!

     Reading and athleticism seldom go hand-in-hand but, believe it or not, there are actually books about sport and a literary awards ceremony devoted to them.  Who knew?!

     You could however just prepare for The Olympics by dusting off your old copy of The Iliad 😉

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