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Hello All, I’m sure you’ll agree that WordPress has a wonderfully helpful and supportive blog community.
If a lovely friend posts such kind and thoughtful words the very least you can do is recommend their musings in return.
Love to JDC xx

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Updated 06/05/2014

 Pure trash of course but also a fascinating insight into celebrity culture’s evolution throughout the noughties.

     As the founding editor of Heat magazine Frith makes for a flawed and fabulous narrator, jealous of the success of fellow publications, often derogatory about the stars he refers to as “playthings” and covetous of fame.   Frith is also fiercely loyal to his team and dedicated to a refreshing and  worthy ethos to de-bunk celebrity myth.
     Ironically and unfortunately, normalising celebrities created a space for ordinary folk from reality shows to seize the spotlight.  The subsequent rise of savvy PRs has enabled celebs to play the once revelatory magazines at their own game.
     It’s a fascinating insight into a unique period of modern history by a smart, flawed guy who was actually there.

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