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     Welcome to June at Lily Wight ~ The Arcade of Arts & Arcana.

     As The Olympic Flame winds its way around our green and pleasant land and with the nation on the brink of celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee there has never been a better time to be British (please ignore our coalition government and “double-dip” recession).

     I am dedicating this month’s musings to the era of another great female monarch, Queen Victoria and her dubiously monikered Age of Empire.  Victoria reached her Diamond Jubilee year in 1897 and there is every possibility that, in a few short years, our current reigning queen will wreck her record as Blighty’s longest-serving monarch.

     If Victorians are remembered for their conquests and industry perhaps future generations will refer to Ma’am’s subjects as Neo-Elizabethans from The Age of Technology and Terrorism 😦  We are certainly grateful for the extra days off work, the street-parties, the televised pageantry and Wills and Kate 🙂

     Our favourite Victorian Pre-Raphaelite maiden, The Lady of Shalott, will be appearing in the homepage sidebar all month as June’s Magickal Thing (more on her later) just click the pics to link to some new sample images from the brand new Gallery Album ~ Victoriana.

     See you back here soon, Blogsprites xx 

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