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Artworks 2009-2010

  • These paintings were done in 2009 – 2010,
    Mixture of Client, Contest, and personal work.
  • Satanic DecalcomaniaSize: 29.03 x 48.38 (cm) Year: 2010 (May) Medium: Digital (Photoshop, Painter, 3DSMAX, Zbrush)
    This is the illustration that were commissioned from a Japanese illustration magazine.
  • Details of “Satanic Decalcomania”
  • Detail of “Lord of Load”
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  • Parrot King
    Size: 25.x 46.4 (cm) Year: 2010 (April) Medium: Digital (Photohsop, Painter)
  • Details of “Parrot King”
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  • Tigars are here
    Size: 33.3 x 33.3 (cm) Year: 2009 (October) Medium: Digital (Photohsop)
    This is the personal work for my new year card. 2010 was the year of tiger in Japan.
  • Details of “Tigars are here”
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    Red Riding HoodSize: 18.14 x 29.53 (cm) Year: 2009 (August) Medium: Digital Tool: Pencil, Photohsop, Painter
    One of my favorite motif is Red Riding Hood. This short story has inspired me a lot.
  • Details of  “Red Ridigng Hood”
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