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     Movie month at Lily Wight ~ The Arcade of Arts & Arcana (www.lilywight.com)  was brought to you by the following films;


     Role Models

     The Artist

     25th Reich

     Iron Sky


     The Dark Knight Rises

     The Amazing Spider-Man

     Evil Rising

     The Happiness Of The Katakuris

     Ice Age 4: Continental Drift

     The Secret Adventures Of Tom Thumb

     The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn

     The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

     A Dangerous Method

     21 Jump Street

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     Verdict ~ Stop-Motion madness, romance and tragedy, musical numbers and zombies.  Weird and wonderful.

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     View part 1 of 6.  Discover parts 2 to 6 on YouTube.  

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     If you are going to host a movie month you HAVE to watch all the extended editions of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of The Rings back-to-back.

     After such a long – caffeine fuelled – journey it’s time to celebrate with some favourite funnies 🙂

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     Congratulations to the following websites whose authors have truly earned their One Lovely Blog Awards!








     Please click the smiley for information about Blog Award Rules 🙂

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     Professionals, amateurs and curious beginners are welcome to add their thoughts and comments on this 1st August 2012 spread asking for general insights until the Autumnal Equinox.

Overview (start middle left and count anti-clockwise)

1.  The Inquirer/The Present ~ The Ten Of Swords.  Invasion of security/privacy.  The scars we earn enable us to provide wise counsel.

2.  Past Influences ~ The Emperor.  Mixed aspects of secular power and material/practical concerns.

3.  Subconcious Influences  ~ The Eight Of Cups.  Follow your heart.  The ongoing quest for emotional fulfillment.

4.  Secret Desire/Wishes ~ The Three Of Wands.  The growth of an idea.

5.  Hidden Forces ~ The Three Of Swords.  Pain/loss/destruction can be a source of strength.

6.  Events To Come ~ The Six Of Cups.  A trip down Memory Lane.

7.  Surrounding Environment ~ The Seven Of Pentacles.  Patience and hard work.

8.  The Influence Of Others ~ The Ace Of Cups.  Pleasure and inspiration.

9.  Spiritual Forces ~ The Fool.  A fresh start with equal joy and danger.

10.  Final Outcome ~ Death.  Unexpected change and self-resurrection. 

     Wow.  The grouping of Death (Major Arcana) flanked by The Fool (Major Arcana) and The Ten of Swords dominates this spread.  Death and The Ten side-by-side signify ferocious – even violent – upheaval, with The Fool promising an absolute fresh start.  Rebirth is painful, but necessary to break out of that box in position 1!

     The Emperor (2) has been oppressive instead of benign leading to tangible entrapment (1).  The past couple of months have belonged to corrupt words and secular desires instead of action.

     Inside (3 and 4) is an emotional drive to follow an inspirational idea.  The Eight Of Cups (3) the card that represents this site and it’s author, appeared in position 10 in May.  The true self should always be the ultimate outcome yet here she is diminished.  The seed of an idea, already planted (4) is the key to her release.  The Eight is constantly questing for that one fulfilling cup, held perhaps by The Ace – representing the influence of generous and positive “others” in position 8.

     Self-inflicted pain can be debilitating but The Three Of Swords (5) remains stable on her three legs, reminding us that scars can mean strength.  The Fool (9) reiterates that we should travel light and jettison the painful baggage that no longer serves us.

     A nostalgic event, possibly celebratory marks the shift from present to future (6).  What follow is a period of hard-work, demanding patience.  The Seven Of Pentacles (7) shows a figure waiting for the seed she has planted to grow to fruitfulness – perhaps the seed planted by The Three Of Wands in position 4!

     The Ace of Cups casts her inspirational light over the coming weeks.  This spread is full of little hints to follow the heart, trust one’s instincts and look for support in the metaphysical rather than the secular realm.

     Then there is Death and The Fool,  the surest sign of a cataclysmic new beginning.  It’s going to be big.  It’s going to be dramatic, but it is going to be for the best.

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     Two great comic studios, two iconic superheroes, two summer blockbuster movies ~ who wins?  You decide…

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     Plot ~  New Yorker Greenberg stirs up trouble with new and old friends while house-sitting for his brother in L.A.

     Ben Stiller stretches his usual nervy do-good persona to unlikable extremes in this solid but predictable indie romantic drama from Noah Baumbach.

     Greenberg is self-obsessed and destructive but damaged.  His awkward misuse of fragile Florence (Greta Gerwig) his brother’s much younger personal assistant, offers salvation but is cruelly exploitative.  You won’t know whether to root for them or not.

     The eclectic and talented supporting cast (Rhys Ifans, Juno Temple and Jennifer Jason Leigh – who has a story credit) give focus to what could have been a rambling collection of quirky scenes.  It is an actor’s movie that would work well on stage.

     Greenberg is ultimately a  mood-piece; an accurately stultifying glimpse into an unpleasant mid-life crisis.

     Verdict ~ Solid but unsurprising with good work from Stiller.

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     25th Reich (2012)

     Plot ~ Based on the novella, 50,000 Years Until Tomorrow by J.J. Solomon.  A team of US soldiers travel through time to battle future Nazis.

     Verdict ~ Nice trailer but meanders until the last ten minutes of cheap effects.


     Iron Sky (2012)

     Plot ~ Futuristic Lunar Nazis invade The Earth.

     Verdict ~ Inconsistent.  Some decent effects but the Mel Brooks style humour is more miss than hit.


     The Nazi movies you need to see!



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     Plot ~ A silent movie actor’s career wains as the ingenue he helped discover becomes a star in talking pictures.

     The Artist may be black, white and silent but it is an entirely modern picture; self-referential and played with a stylized yet knowing subtlety.

     The too familiar tale combines  Singin’ In The Rain with various versions of A Star Is Born yet it jettisons cynicism in favour of pure fantasy and romance.  The leads impress with Berenice Bejo stealing her scenes, even from the world’s most famous Jack Russell Terrier!  The enchanting sequence in which she imagines an overcoat is her lover summons pure movie magic.

     There is a moment when The Artist teeters on the brink of becoming an entirely different and perhaps bolder movie.  Silent Era hero George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) experiences sound as a surreal nightmare intruding into his off-screen life.  It is a moment in striking contrast to the rest of the film that gives way, perhaps unwisely,  to the predictable and indulgently heart-warming.

     The Artist is a glorious rose-tinted love letter to the history of film, with nods to everything from Metropolis to Top Hat.  It may be old at heart, but in an era of blockbuster excess and unglamourous independent pictures The Artist feels remarkably fresh.

     Verdict ~ Pulls it’s punches but deserves its plaudits for shameless good-looks and charm.

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     Plot ~ Two loser friends learn life lessons and discover the joys of Live Action Role-Playing whilst mentoring troubled kids.

     The Arcade of Arts & Arcana (www.lilywight.com) is earning those Versatile Blogger Awards this month with movie reviews covering the sublime to the ridiculous: first a Shakespearean adaptation and now crass comedy with Role Models.

     Fans of the Judd Apatow stable will find a cosy familiarity in this loose, warm and utterly shameless Bromance.

     Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott have spent their entire careers perfecting their respective “cynical every-man” and “irritating yet amiable doofus” personas.  Such perfect casting, with strong cameo support, leaves room for improvisation with throw-away innuendo to spare.

     It isn’t all perfect – ooh look boobies and a kid that swears – but Role Models has a mighty heart; most apparent when the men who can’t grow-up bond with and learn responsibility from kids who are old before their time.

     Role Models successfully negotiates that fine line between spite and spoof with its unexpected focus on the world of Live Action Role-Play (or LARPing).  Comedies don’t usually end with a full-scale sword and sorcery battle but big laughs and air-punching combine to deliver something truly triumphant.

     You will never view Kiss in the same light again.

     Verdict ~ Kiss-My-Anthia     

     More Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) Movies!


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     An amazing Alice In Wonderland black and white film curio from 1915, enjoy!

     Click for another post 🙂


More Interesting Things

Its a strange but interesting bit of early cinema.

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Christopher Nolan makes movies like 3 step magic tricks and this Batman Trilogy fan trailer mashed with The Prestige is a brilliant find.

Enjoy another post 🙂 click me!


Banana Scoop

How do you make a Christopher Nolan movie trailer better?  By mashing it up with another Christopher Nolan trailer.  We’ve already shown you how awesome Nolan trailers can be, but this one is different because it mashes up another one of his movies, The Prestige in it.  I like how the editor made each one of Nolan’s movies a part of the three aspects of a magic trick: the pledge, turn, and prestige.  Maybe I’m not looking deep enough because I don’t believe that there is any other significant other than 1, 2, and 3, but I know there are some rather radical internet theories out there.  By the way, if you haven’t already seen the Prestige, do yourself a favor and watch it!  It’s absolutely amazing and totally on par with his other movies.  All I need to see now is an Insomnia/Memento mashup and I just might be…

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It’s movie month at http://www.lilywight.com so here is a brilliant vintage photo from a brilliant film re-posted from a brilliant blog 🙂

The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog


I love this shot!

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     Updated 20/05/2014

     Maleficent is currently scheduled for a May 2014 release with Angelina Jolie all set to do for Evil Fairy Godmothers what Charlize Theron did for Wicked Stepmothers in Snow White And The Huntsman!

     Here are the latest pics to peruse while you are waiting...

     Fairy Tale fans might also like to click the smiley and scroll down for the picture album Faerie Lore & Fairy Tales 🙂


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Updated 14/10/13

     He’s in, he’s out and Matt Bomer may be in again now that Charlie Hunnam has officially quit the coveted role of Christian Grey in the movie adaption of Fifty Shades.

     Hunnam has cited contractual obligations to TV show Sons of Anarchy as the reason for his departure, let’s hope that Matt still has a space in his calendar.

Link to

Charlie Hunnam Leaves Fifty Shades of Grey

Everything You Need To Know About Dakota Johnson

Matt Bomer Facts & Pictures

Matthew Staton Bomer was born on 11th October 1977.  He is a 34-year-old Libran.   Matt’s father is former Dallas Cowboy John Bomer.

Matt attended Klein High School (Houston) with actor Lee Pace (Pace will soon be seen as King Thranduil of Mirkwood in The Hobbit, the father of Legolas).

Matt got his big TV break in the ABC soap All My Children (2000).  He has also appeared in Tru Calling, North Shore and Chuck.

Matt is probably best known for playing Neal Caffrey in White Collar (from 2009).

Matt’s big screen credits include Flightplan, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and In Time.  He can currently be seen in Magic Mike.

Matt attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and graduated the same year as True Blood’s Joe Manganiello (his Magic Mike co-star).

Matt may be the best-looking gay man on the planet.  His partner is Hollywood Publicist Simon Halls and he has three children; Kit (2005) and twins Walker and Henry (2009).

Matt Bomer IS Christian Grey.  Oh look… he’s all wet…

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     Plot ~ War hero Coriolanus is exiled following a failed political career and seeks out his old enemy. 

     William Shakespeare’s plays were written to be performed to the back of the theatre and so find new dimensions through the medium of film.  The close-up camera catches every subtle speech inflection and micro expression.  Director Ralph Fiennes’ camera is very intimate indeed.

     Coriolanus is book-ended with documentary-style warfare that channels Fiennes’ experience on The Hurt Locker; familiar to anyone who plays certain first-person shooter games.  It’s sharp and dynamic, with the director and star loading on an almost primal machismo.  Fiennes knows this is a play about war, pride and politics too frequently over-shadowed by the Bard’s Julius Caesar.  The mid-section however with its public speeches, news broadcasts and TV debate shows, is over earnest and lacking in engaging characters.

     The ladies are badly served here.  Vanessa Redgrave is a steely matriarch but ill-paired with  Jessica Chastain as Coriolanus’ (Fiennes) wife.  It is a waste of a usually captivating actress but Coriolanus’ only significant relationship is with his enemy, the consciously dashing Aufidius (Gerard Butler).

     Fiennes’ Rome looks like anywhere in contemporary Eastern Europe portrayed as a grim fantasy patriarchy beset by border wars and internal conflict.  It is a grey and hopeless world that raises a most pertinent question: what should society do with a warrior when the war is done with him?

     There is finally some colour and fire in the fetishising of  tribal war-party preparations; for Coriolanus is a man who can only find peace by embracing both his nature and his enemy.

     Verdict ~ Bold, ambitious and rewards patience.  Potent themes and a powerful lead.

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     Summer blockbuster season is well underway so, throughout August, there will be a red tip-up seat waiting for you at Lily Wight’s cinematograph.  I will be sharing and musing upon thirty days of eclectic viewing and hoping for your comments and recommendations as always.

     August’s Magickal Thing, a top recommended link, will be appearing in the homepage sidebar all month, so I hope you check it out.

     Also this month I have seven shiny One Lovely Blog Awards to give away and I will be posting my Tarot spread for Lughnasadh.

     Last, but not least, I would like to say a huge thank you to the wonderful On Oxnard Shores for presenting me with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  I will strive to continually deserve it xx

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