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     Plot ~  New Yorker Greenberg stirs up trouble with new and old friends while house-sitting for his brother in L.A.

     Ben Stiller stretches his usual nervy do-good persona to unlikable extremes in this solid but predictable indie romantic drama from Noah Baumbach.

     Greenberg is self-obsessed and destructive but damaged.  His awkward misuse of fragile Florence (Greta Gerwig) his brother’s much younger personal assistant, offers salvation but is cruelly exploitative.  You won’t know whether to root for them or not.

     The eclectic and talented supporting cast (Rhys Ifans, Juno Temple and Jennifer Jason Leigh – who has a story credit) give focus to what could have been a rambling collection of quirky scenes.  It is an actor’s movie that would work well on stage.

     Greenberg is ultimately a  mood-piece; an accurately stultifying glimpse into an unpleasant mid-life crisis.

     Verdict ~ Solid but unsurprising with good work from Stiller.

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