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     Marina Bychkova’s strange and beautiful dolls in a shoot for the Japanese edition of Vogue Beauty, December 2012.

     Take that Tiny Tears!

Dutch Fashion Doll World

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These images I found in the Japanese Vogue Beauty Dec. As a sill stylist myself I was blown away by the beauty of these images. Who were these dolls. They are so mystical, so Haute Couture (even though they are nude).
The creator of these dolls is Marina Bychkova and she is an amazing artist. Her dolls are so refined.
For more of her work you really have to visit her website. http://www.enchanteddoll.com
She also made a book it’s called the Enchanted Doll Book.
Unfortunately the first and second edition is sold out.
So hopefully they are going to make a edition because I so want this book.
But for now I have my Japanese Vogue
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Vogue Japan
Beauty 2012 december
Mood for Fantasy
Dolls : Marina Bychkova
Photographer : Lacey

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