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     Updated 11/12/2014     

     Students of English Literature should be eternally grateful for this Graphic Novel adaptation of a core curriculum classic.

     The simple black and white noir-style graphics contemporise the satirical content whilst aiding differentiation between the many realms and circles in Dante’s compelling trawl through a unique afterlife.

     Chwast’s vision is a brief and entertaining read that may just inspire you to seek out – and perhaps better appreciate – Dante’s original.

     More Graphic Novel interpretations of Literary Classics please!


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     Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides may have underwhelmed the critics but its hefty box-office haul, not to mention the durability of Depp’s now iconic pirate, has secured a sequel.

     Captain Jack Sparrow’s as yet unnamed fifth outing, rumoured to be scripted by Men In Black 3’s Jeff Nathanson, may lack both director and cast but is scheduled for release in July 2015.

     The 2015 summer schedule is packed with potential big-hitters including the return of The Star Wars Saga with Episode VII, Avatar 2, D.C’s Justice League and sequels for Mission Impossible, The Hunger Games, Tintin and more!  It’s hard to imagine Captain Jack not wanting a share of that booty

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     Updated 09/01/2015

     Every vampire fan should be well aware of White Wolf’s seminal role-playing game system, Vampire; which effectively collates and categorizes every bit of vampire lore and literature up to and including the work of Anne Rice.

     This book owns a hefty title – and well it might – as it boasts a doorstop-sized collection of spin-off novels and associated writings, re-edited chronologically into a complex and epic drama.

     With numerous authors at work there is some jarring in the narrative style and the structure suffers, albeit necessarily for the books conceit.  Certain events are needlessly re-played from different characters’ perspectives without providing extra insight whilst dramatic tension is often lost when chronology forces precedence over plot.

     There is however so much going on that new readers of all tastes are bound to find something to engage them and for fans and completists The Clan Saga makes an engaging curio, a bold editing achievement and a broad introduction to White Wolf’s inescapable influence on the Vampire genre.

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Updated 27/11/2014

     Recommended reading because Graphic Novels are about more than Superheroes…

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     It’s cold and dark outside, Blogsprites – but you’ll find a warm welcome in The Arcade Of Arts & Arcana!

     We’re opening the year with books, books and more books – a few reviews, art, movies, tarot and even the odd cute animal gif or Lego curio might sneak their way in too 😉

     Now, where shall we do our reading?

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