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     It’s a cat with a funny hat eating a banana.  It’s April’s Gratuitous Gif.  What more do you want?


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     In a world where Mark Wahlberg’s overage slacker can pull feisty young professional Mila Kunis a bear possessed by the spirit of Peter Griffin requires little suspension of disbelief.

     Ted is an irreverent childish comedy that takes an age to get going and has little purpose or direction beyond its titular gimmick.  Yet, like that annoying bloke at a party who insists you have one more drink, Ted wears you down with his unique blend of cute and irritating.  This is a buddy movie:  You, Me And Dupree with fur.

     Seth McFarlane’s comedy flies, just like Family Guy, when it mocks and reveres classic movies.  Similarities to the bond between E.T. and Elliot won’t go unnoticed and Ted features the best homage to Sam J. Jones’ Flash Gordon: ever.

     Most remarkable of all is the effortless believability of a special effects composite in a lead role when, just a few years ago, audiences analysed every pixel of Binks and Gollum.  Ted is an achievement in himself, he just needs to ditch the sidekick and get himself a good agent.

     Verdict ~ If you are looking for subtleties in the relationship between a boy and his toy choose Toy Story.  If you love 80’s Flash (Ah-Ahhhhhhhhh!) it’s Ted all the way.

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     Regular visitors to Lily Wight ~ The Arcade Of Arts & Arcana can’t seem to get enough of marvellous French animator, Michel Ocelot.  If you like the look of Tales Of The Night you’ll probably appreciate this too…

     Click for previous Movies You Might Have Missed 🙂

     The Librarian: Quest For The Spear

     Virgin Territory

     Lotte Reiniger’s Fairy Tales

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     Every once in a while a film comes along – Laugier’s Martyrs, Cronenberg’s Twins, von Trier’s Antichrist – that transcends conventional horror tropes to produce something challenging, thoughtful and even profound: Excision is just such a film.

     The usually glamourous TV starlet, Annalynne McCord ditches the bleach, make-up and pretty much everything else to give a tour-de-force performance as troubled Pauline; a teen who practices DIY dissections whilst fantasising about a perfect clinical world of shiny surfaces and necrophilia.

     Hunched, surly and awkward, Pauline exudes typical outsider bully bait yet writer-director Richard Bates Jr. has created a collision of opposites; making her outspoken, manipulative and forceful.

     Pauline is psychologically broken whereas her beloved younger sister is physically sick: the focus of love and compassion as her health deteriorates through cystic fibrosis.  As Excision peels away layer after layer of urban domestic mundanity then startling fantasy it becomes apparent that each sister has something nasty inside that needs to come out.

     The ending arrives as a triumphant and appalling epiphany; inevitable, perhaps guessable, yet as shocking and unforgettable as a slap to the conscience.  When that final scream begins you’ll want to join in.

     Verdict ~ An astonishing collaboration of talent on both sides of the camera – the discerning and intellectual horror fan’s horror film.

*WARNING* not suitable for little eyes!

     Dust off the August 2012 archives for more on movies…

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     Ha-ha, I’m it!

     My fine fellow blogger, Crazy Goblin managed to catch me before I made it to safe ground so now I must answer his questions – because you know what Christina Rossetti said about Goblin Men…

Q.  Have you ever been made redundant from your job and how did you feel about it?

A.  Thankfully, no.

Q.  If you were interviewing someone for a writing job, what 3 qualities would you look for and why?

A.  I would ask; do you live in a garret and have a laudanum habit?  Are you psychologically traumatised?  Can you hit a deadline?  Yes to any one of those three gets you the job.

Q.  What is your favorite board game and why?

A.  I hate board games.  Competition makes me anxious and I still have nightmares about Operation.

Q.  When you look at the stars, what do you see?

A.  Galaxies far, far away...

Q. When you look at the ocean, what does it remind you of?

A.  A big blue wobbly thing that mermaids live in.

Q.  How do you overcome writer’s block?

A.  A change of scenery  (which is just an excuse to head for a different coffee shop).

Q.  If you could say 3 encouraging things to another person, what would they be?

A.  I love you, in a million years time who is going to care?  And no, your bum doesn’t look big in that…

Q.  Do you prefer to write your stories/books/poetry/prose/articles on paper first, then type them up and edit them, or do you like to type them straight into your computer to edit?

A.  Despite having romantic notions about a quill and parchment everything goes straight on the laptop.  I didn’t learn to touch-type for nothing.

Q.  Do you like writing in one genre or more?

A.  I’m a fan of the darkly fantastic but that is a vast and multifaceted thing.  I enjoy entrail-draped gimp dungeons AND cute fluffy bunny rabbits.

Q.  As a writer, do you think actions speak louder than words?

A.  Definitely.  Words are tricksy.

Q.  What is your favorite quote and why?

A.  If there’s nothing wrong with me then there must be something wrong with the universe.

     So, scramble everyone because if I tag you it’s your turn to copy what you see here…












     Ha-ha!  You’re it!  😉

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     French animator Michel Ocelot may lack the marketing appeal of a certain mouse but his movies cast more enchantments than a month at Disneyland, Paris.

     Tales Of The Night is an anthology of  little known silhouette folktales, imagined by would-be moviemakers against a jewel bright backdrop of ancient and exotic locations.

     The roots of familiar stories lurk beneath the strange beauty of Ocelot’s shadow theatre in a primal and dangerous form; cunning and tenacity are worth more than might, princess brides are not what they seem, animals speak, werewolves roam and Happy Ever Afters have a high price.

     Children used to big-eyed cuteness and easy moralising will be entranced, while grown-ups will feel like children all over again.

Verdict ~ Lovely, hypnotic and bizarre.

If you enjoy silhouette animation click here to watch Lotte Reiniger’s Cinderella in full..


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     Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, this may be the best Lego sculpture you have ever seen.  It’s hard to know where the Lego Of The Month Post can possibly go next…


Click and don’t miss ~ 

Lego Hell

Return To Lego Hell

Lego Mount Olympus

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     Streaming and downloads are fine for Minimalists but how can you really own a movie until it’s sitting on your shelf for nosy visitors to judge and define you by?

     Video cassettes are dangerous – especially if a dusty box-full of them falls on your head when you’re rummaging through the attic – and V/H/S takes us back to the days when terrifying box art damaged childhoods, when James Woods morphed into a human video recorder and Sadako crawled all the way from Japan, straight out of the TV and into your living-room.

     V/H/S is an anarchic, schizophrenic horror showcasing promising young directors with a mixed-bag of shorts tied-up with a warning – if you must break into a dead guy’s creepy home don’t watch his videotapes.

     Like all anthologies the quality varies and the tonal shifts are disorienting but, on the plus side, nothing outstays its welcome long enough for you to question why anyone would convert their phone footage or Skype conversations onto clunky old video cassettes.

     The best found footage movies find innovative ways to incorporate the act and products of filmmaking into the plot itself; so a seemingly routine teen slasher becomes sharp and memorable through clever use of that familiar and idiosyncratic chewed-tape distortion.  Meanwhile, Generation YouTube Trick or Treaters disrupt a dubious ritual yet continue to record the mayhem and danger – laughing when they ought to be screaming.

     V/H/S is a perfect combination of old school and experimentation in search of stronger themes.  The miscreants in the opening are suitably punished for their criminal misuse of technology and most of the stories are driven by strong female protagonists but these are issues left hanging in the wake of a simpler urge to shock and entertain.

     Sequel S-V/H/S is scheduled for a July 2013 release and with lessons learned, a bigger budget and more of what works we could be looking at a five-star follow-up.

     Verdict ~ A rich and diverse eye assault of memorable images to leave you pondering.  Yep, there’s still life in the old tape yet!


*WARNING* Red Band Trailer, not for little eyes!

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     Why spend a fortune on advertising campaigns when you can get the fans to do it for you?

     These pictures are desperate for your comments…

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Lily Wight

     Updated 20/05/2014

     Maleficent is currently scheduled for a May 2014 release with Angelina Jolie all set to do for Evil Fairy Godmothers what Charlize Theron did for Wicked Stepmothers in Snow White And The Huntsman!

     Here are the latest pics to peruse while you are waiting...

     Fairy Tale fans might also like to click the smiley and scroll down for the picture album Faerie Lore & Fairy Tales 🙂


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Lily Wight

Updated 14/10/13

     He’s in, he’s out and Matt Bomer may be in again now that Charlie Hunnam has officially quit the coveted role of Christian Grey in the movie adaption of Fifty Shades.

     Hunnam has cited contractual obligations to TV show Sons of Anarchy as the reason for his departure, let’s hope that Matt still has a space in his calendar.

Link to

Charlie Hunnam Leaves Fifty Shades of Grey

Everything You Need To Know About Dakota Johnson

Matt Bomer Facts & Pictures

Matthew Staton Bomer was born on 11th October 1977.  He is a 34-year-old Libran.   Matt’s father is former Dallas Cowboy John Bomer.

Matt attended Klein High School (Houston) with actor Lee Pace (Pace will soon be seen as King Thranduil of Mirkwood in The Hobbit, the father of Legolas).

Matt got his big TV break in the ABC soap…

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