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     Welcome to the wonderfully audacious and wickedly macabre world of Resurrection; the realm of Requiem, Vampire Knight.

     Nickel Editions Franco-British collaboration features the dark imaginings of Pat Mills (Sláine) and the art of Olivier Ledroit (Black Moon Chronicles) in a wildly addictive graphic novel series best avoided by the faint of heart!

     Volume 1 begins as Nazi war criminal, Heinrich Augsburg is reincarnated as a vampire in an ingeniously inverse Hell dimension; landmasses have switched places with seas of flame and cursed residents grow ever younger and forgetful.  Heinrich’s quest to be reunited with his lost love refuses to pander to any conventional ideas of supernatural romance as war, violence, treachery, occult science and good old-fashioned sexual deviancy tussle for page space.

     The Vampire Knight series (also known as Requiem Chevalier Vampire) is magnificently rendered in such exquisite detail that it demands repeated browsing and there are numerous historical and movie references to discover among the lush design and proliferation of ideas.

Mills’ and Ledroit’s work belongs to an adult audience with a taste for extreme Horror-Fantasy.  The humour is cynical and the banter often falls flat so there is little light relief but it seems churlish to complain when graphic novels simply don’t come any better than this.


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