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     Updated 12/02/2015


It’s 2012 and we know what that means. No, I’m not talking about leap year. No, I’m not talking about the Olympics. No… okay, let me just spell it out. Presidential Election Year (in the United States – sorry international readers). But amidst all the rampant speculation and political horse race coverage, we can often lose sight of what’s important in a Presidential candidate: the ability to deliver a kick-ass speech while we face certain death.

1. Jack Nicholson as President James Dale (Mars Attacks)

Admittedly, a world crazy enough to elect Jack Nicholson president deserves to be attacked by Mars. But there’s a wicked swagger to the President and, clearly, he’s got a way with words – even if it doesn’t turn out so well in the end.


2. Morgan Freeman as President Beck (Deep Impact)

Note to whoever makes these decisions at the White House: if, in…

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