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     Oh My Gooooooooooooooood!  I don’t belieeeeeeve it!  This is SUCH a surprise!  There are so many amaaaaaaaaaazing Blogsprites out there… it’s an incredible honour just to be nominated for this award.

     I‘d like to thank Stephen King for frightening the pants off me with Salem’s Lot and Dr. Who for giving me that unhealthy obsession with sinister marionettes.

     Thanks to Usborne Books’ Mysteries Of The Unknown for the sleepless nights and stop-motion animation for being so absolutely insidious.

     Most of all I’d like to thank J.E. Lattimer of Arcane Arrangements for presenting me with The Gargie Award!!!!

     Thank you…  thank you so much…

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     Hi Blogsprites,


     If you are lucky enough to live in Hull, East Yorkshire, U.K. you can head to the New Theatre this week for Horrible Histories.

     The Terrible Tudors and Vile Victorians are too good for kids, so borrow someone else’s and get yourself along.

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     If you enjoy the trailer you can link here to see Pinocchio’s Revenge in full (yikes)!

     You can view the entire film in parts on YouTube courtesy of codogan09.  Here’s part one to get you started (Certificate 18  Adults Only).

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     The Hay Festival gets bigger and better every year so head to Wales for all things bookish and click the image for the official site.

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     I thought you might enjoy this lovely little flash animation from Button Films 😉


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Some amazing photos AND fashion, what’s not to love?

Fashion Fetishism.

Should you be one of my followers (if not, do sign up, I’ll even promise you virtual cake or some such for your birthday) you will have noticed that I am somewhat of a fan of Fairytales. Now, I assume you’re looking for the follow box on the right.. there you found it!.. Yes, it’s a quote from Alice in Wonderland..well done!  As should be clear from this blog that I have a thing for fashion as well, so stumbling over these pictures with the adorable Annie Leibovitz was a special delight and made a sunny afternoon even better.

(all pictures via Vogue)

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