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     Sherlock Holmes is enjoying something of a Renaissance of late so it’s hardly surprising that Young Sherlock Holmes ~ Victorian Cinematograph #2 (17/6/2012) should take the second spot in the Post Of The Year list.

     By clicking the link you can read a review, watch the whole movie on YouTube and catch up with news of a forthcoming remake!


     If you are a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch I’m sure you’ll enjoy this great image, borrowed from The Arcade Of Arts & Arcana Gallery (click the tab at the top of the homepage or the picture itself to go exploring)…

     … and finally click not to miss news of Benedict Cumberbatch Cast As Sauron In The Hobbit!

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     View part 1 of 6.  Discover parts 2 to 6 on YouTube.  

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     Please don’t be concerned Blogsprites!  The title quote comes from the BBC’s superlative little series The Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff.

     The show was first broadcast on the radio and was bumped-up to television status with a Christmas Special in 2011.

     Heavily influenced by the searing wit and irreverent comedy of Blackadder The Bleak Old Shop is a must-see for Dickens’ fans or anyone with a taste for Victoriana and a sense of humour.

     Watch wherever you can!

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