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     Please don’t be concerned Blogsprites!  The title quote comes from the BBC’s superlative little series The Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff.

     The show was first broadcast on the radio and was bumped-up to television status with a Christmas Special in 2011.

     Heavily influenced by the searing wit and irreverent comedy of Blackadder The Bleak Old Shop is a must-see for Dickens’ fans or anyone with a taste for Victoriana and a sense of humour.

     Watch wherever you can!

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An excellent news round-up, the Tolkien-Dickens team-up could be interesting and a lovely image as always, thank you Ms. Nettles xx

Gathered Nettles: Two Sisters Obsessing over YA Lit

While perusing the internet this week, I came across a plethora of exciting goings-on in the world of children’s literature, fantasy, and books in general. Overwhelmed by the wealth of content, the only way I could cope with the awesome was to share it all with you!

From the Atlantic:

An article about the term YA- what that label means, when it came about, and what purpose it serves.

From BBC News:

News that descendants of J.R.R. Tolkien and Charles Dickens are collaborating on two fantasy novels for children.

A miniature book from Queen Mary’s dollhouse, written in 1922 about a fairy who travels to London, will be published in full scale.


From Letters of Note:

A copy of a letter J.R.R. Tolkien wrote to a German publishing house in response to their request for proof of his Aryan descent.

A copy of a letter written by Maurice Sendak’s…

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