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     Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, this may be the best Lego sculpture you have ever seen.  It’s hard to know where the Lego Of The Month Post can possibly go next…


Click and don’t miss ~ 

Lego Hell

Return To Lego Hell

Lego Mount Olympus

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     This month’s Lego pick is another myth-inspired sculpture by Lego Hell creator, Mihai Marius Mihu.

     Welcome to the Outskirts Of Olympus…

The Outskirts Of Olympus MMM

     Don’t miss  LEGO HELL!

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     Libera Nos A Malo (Deliver Us From Evil) ©Icare.

Libera Nos A Malo 1


Demon Icare

Angel Icaro

Deliver Icare

     Click the smiley for a Lego interpretation of Dante’s Inferno!  🙂

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