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     Cabal is the natural evolutionary step from Clive Barker‘s groundbreaking short story collection, Books Of Blood.

     This slim novel offers post-Cronenbergian body horror, Freudian identity issues, an original mythology for monsters and includes a rampant serial killer: more than enough material for a lifetime’s worth of sequels and spin-offs.

     Cabal’s naturalistic dialogue, deft character strokes and punchy yet eloquent prose render the most extraordinary flights of fantasy entirely plausible so it remains a great pity that – despite an open ending – Barker has never returned to continue the journey of anti-hero, Boone.

     Fans will have to make do with Barker’s own darkly brilliant movie adaptation, Nightbreed; recently re-edited for a must-see Director’s Cut.  Click the link for further information http://www.clivebarker.info/morenightbreed.html

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