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I found this fantastic artwork on DevianArt. It’s made by hellobaby, such a talented artist. You can see her work here.

Did you noticed that the Fool is a girl? I love that. And this gorgeous outfit she made, wow ! I would use her deck if she decides to make it, don’t you? The only thing I would change is that I will remove the upper frame. As a tarot reader I want my cards to be more ‘clean’, easier to focus and read, and the upper frame is drawing my attention too much.

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Images: © hellobaby on DevianArt

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     Hello Blogsprites!


     I hope you are enjoying the Spring sunshine.

     It seems that some of my fellow Tarot readers are not familiar with the Deviant Moon spread I tried out for my Ostara personal reading.  I have been asked to include some extra details to assist their kind interpretations.

     I focused on a general enquiry regarding my progress through the year relating to a new creative venture.


     1.  The Inquirer, Present Day ~ The Magus

     2.  Past Influences ~ The Six of Wands

     3.  Subconscious Influences ~ The King of Wands

     4.  Secret Desires & Wishes ~ The King of Swords

     5.  Hidden Forces ~ The Hierophant

     6.  Events Yet To Come ~ The Three of Pentacles

     7.  Surrounding Environment ~ Death

     8.   Influence Of Others ~ The Five of Wands

     9.  Spiritual Forces ~ The Seven of Cups

     10.  Final Outcome ~ The Four of Swords


     I feel like I am on the right track, side-stepping conflict and heeding the strong male role-models who seem to surround me now.  This is definitely a period of dramatic transition and thoughtful development.  I’ve got my eyes peeled for positive collaborations.

     I would be grateful for any of your thoughts and interpretations,


     Love Lily xx

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Seven of Swords

Some amazing images here.

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     If you mention The Tarot superstitious folks tend to back away uttering protective curses and crossing themselves.  I would like to dispel this nonsense.

     The origins of Tarot imagery are debatable but the cards were devised as a playing deck, with four suits combining pip and court cards.

     The supposedly sinister Major Arcana evolved in part so artists and crafters could showcase their skills.  Increasingly elaborate decks were commissioned by wealthy and aristocratic houses simply for the love of owning and displaying beautiful things.

     Tarot images speak the universal language of mythic symbology.  The archetypal characters, concepts and scenarios tell of The Fool’s journey from innocence through experience to enlightenment and self-realisation.  Anyone familiar with Jung’s theories on The Collective Unconscious and Joseph Campbell’s deconstruction of Mythology will find nothing dangerously occult here.

     The images of The Tarot serve a similar purpose to the black-splodge Rorschach Test.  This is a psychological tool which allows us to consider a given situation and order our thoughts and feelings with objectivity.  Meditating upon a Tarot spread can help us perceive things more clearly, negotiate life’s obstacles and acknowledge deep thoughts and desires.

     Like many who appreciate The Tarot I perform a personal reading on each of the United Kingdom’s eight indigenous ancient festival days, the latest being Ostara, The Vernal (or Spring) Equinox which heralds the first day of springtime (Tuesday 20th March).

     I will post my reading here on Friday evening.  As usual I would love to hear your thoughts x

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