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     So, you want some amazing new images for Tolkien Month at Lily Wight ~ The Arcade Of Arts & Arcana?

     Oh… go on then 😉

     Just click the pics as usual for links to the Gallery and albums.


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Updated 05/03/2015

A Little Bit Fairy

Ah, and so the Steampunk train of thought continues with this new painting “The Egg Checker”. I have to say, I can see myself enjoying creating work in this genre of art for a long time to come! It’s fantastically engaging, and will most probably become more intricate the further I delve into it.

This painting depicts Byron, a huge, imposing clockwork dragon, taking care of two large dragon eggs.

In my kooky Steampunk world, dragons do exist, and it falls to the Daddys to nurture the eggs, with a little help from a tiny golden robot known as The Egg Checker. He’s may be a small robot, but he has a huge heart and endless knowledge and wisdom. He, and his kind, are assigned to oversee the care of dragon eggs, to help the Daddy dragons and generally ensure that they are healthy and safe right through hatching…

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     Updated 05/03/2015


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