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Memento Mori

love this group, follow the link for more info on them

“La Luz De Jesus Gallery proudly rebrands our annual juried group exhibition, LALUZAPALOOZA. This gigantic, no-theme show features works from some of the freshest and most relevant artists working today. Over 9,000 submissions from commercial illustrators, graphic designers, tattooists, scenics, students, animators and working gallery artists had to be sorted-through, and we’ve finally narrowed it down to 125 or so artists. The official piece count is awaiting verification, but you can bet that it will be another (tastefully) jam-packed, salon-style exhibition. There are some familiar names from our ever-growing roster of feature artists, but an overwhelming percentage of the work comes from a brand new batch of undiscovered, emerging talent.!


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Artworks 2009-2010

  • These paintings were done in 2009 – 2010,
    Mixture of Client, Contest, and personal work.
  • Satanic DecalcomaniaSize: 29.03 x 48.38 (cm) Year: 2010 (May) Medium: Digital (Photoshop, Painter, 3DSMAX, Zbrush)
    This is the illustration that were commissioned from a Japanese illustration magazine.
  • Details of “Satanic Decalcomania”
  • Detail of “Lord of Load”
  • >
  • Parrot King
    Size: 25.x 46.4 (cm) Year: 2010 (April) Medium: Digital (Photohsop, Painter)
  • Details of “Parrot King”
  • <
  • Tigars are here
    Size: 33.3 x 33.3 (cm) Year: 2009 (October) Medium: Digital (Photohsop)
    This is the personal work for my new year card. 2010 was the year of tiger in Japan.
  • Details of “Tigars are here”
  • <
  • <
    Red Riding HoodSize: 18.14 x 29.53 (cm) Year: 2009 (August) Medium: Digital Tool: Pencil, Photohsop, Painter
    One of my favorite motif is Red Riding Hood. This short story has inspired me a lot.
  • Details of  “Red Ridigng Hood”
  • Charisma…

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     Updated 30/9/2015

     TOP BLOG POST #3     We hope you all enjoyed Book Month at The Arcade of Arts and Arcana.  Just before we step into June and ponder a wealth of quirky Victoriana here is another enchanting glimpse into our album of Fairy images… 

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