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Lily Wight

     Updated 12/02/2015

    Can you spot Johnny Depp’s school photo in this promotion for Dark Shadows…

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     Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides may have underwhelmed the critics but its hefty box-office haul, not to mention the durability of Depp’s now iconic pirate, has secured a sequel.

     Captain Jack Sparrow’s as yet unnamed fifth outing, rumoured to be scripted by Men In Black 3’s Jeff Nathanson, may lack both director and cast but is scheduled for release in July 2015.

     The 2015 summer schedule is packed with potential big-hitters including the return of The Star Wars Saga with Episode VII, Avatar 2, D.C’s Justice League and sequels for Mission Impossible, The Hunger Games, Tintin and more!  It’s hard to imagine Captain Jack not wanting a share of that booty

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     Disney, Johnny Depp and director Gore Verbinski are hoping to find some pirate gold once more with this supernaturally-tinged Western adventure.


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     It is the longest (and quite possibly the wettest) day of the year and a fine time to treat myself to some free therapy with a personal Tarot reading.  I have a very pragmatic and distinctly non-mystical approach to The Tarot and you can click this smiley link for a post outlining my views 🙂

     As always I use Patrick Valenza’s Deviant Moon Tarot (Lunatic Spread… how appropriate!).  You will find a link to Patrick’s website if you scroll down the sidebar on my homepage.

     I looked for insights into the period between the current Summer Solstice and Lughnasadh (1st August 2012). 


     Read cards anti-clockwise (widdershins) from left centre;

     1.  The Inquirer/Present Day ~ The Hanged Man (Major Arcana)

     2.  Past Influences ~ The Six of Wands

     3.  Subconscious Influences ~ The Queen of Pentacles

     4.  Secret Desires & Wishes ~ The King of Pentacles

     5.  Hidden (External) Forces ~ The Nine of Swords

     6.  Events Yet To Come ~ The Star (Major Arcana)

     7.  Surrounding Environment ~ The Six of Pentacles

     8.  Influence Of Others ~ The Seven of Wands

     9.  Spiritual Forces ~ The Two of Swords

     10.  Final Outcome ~ The Page of Wands

     I would be grateful for any insights, you don’t have to be a Tarot reader: every picture tells a story!  My own interpretation is very detailed but I have included some highlights below;


     There are only two Major Arcana cards so this is not a particularly auspicious time but the placing of the cards suggests I am in a fixed and specific state with an important, fortunate and enlightening event to come.  These cards are opposite each other in the spread, suggesting an obstacle-strewn shift from one place to the other.

     There are no Cup cards!  My previous Beltane (May 2012) spread was devoid of Swords so my former lack of action has evolved into a lack of emotional fulfillment.

     Back in May The Page of Wands appeared in position 7.  He has been loitering in my environment and will finally become my main focus at the beginning of August.  (There are two males, one from my close family and one from my professional life who are suggested by this card so business, home-life or perhaps both will dominate my Summer).

     The Six of Wands also stood out for me because this card appeared in exactly the same position in my Vernal Equinox spread (March 2012).  It is reminding me of a personal heroic emergence after a period of struggle.  The blooming celebrant is holding an illuminating wand, a symbol of intuition and hope, something I’ll use again to escape the unexpected events and negative influences implied by the tangled forest at position 8!

     I don’t need the Tarot to tell me I can be my own worst enemy.  As The Hangman (position 1) I am trapped in a state of suspension (taunted by that little ticking pocket-watch) and The Nine of Swords (the very embodiment of obstacles!) reveals my own personal demons (I like to call them Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Self-Doubt) pictorially gnawing away at me.  Those swords however make a ladder because challenges can be the making of us and opportunity can be born of failure.  The Hangman is serene and full of grace despite his dilemma so I aspire to be more like him.  It’s a time to just live in the present and work on getting some Cup cards back into future spreads.

     I rely on Tarot readings to clarify what I feel I already know but there is always a surprise.  Just look at that power-couple: The King and Queen of Pentacles side-by-side and buried deep in my subconscious.  No matter how evolved and esoteric we like to think we are practical primal desires for security, wealth and all the good things in life bubble beneath.  It’s all about balance (I guess if I ever achieve that it will be the end of my Tarot journey).

     Deviant Moon is a cheeky deck.  Mine often makes a joke at my expense.  A very straightforward, traditional Gypsy-style, reading would suggest The King of Pentacles, my secret desire, is a rich, powerful and influential mature man with dark hair and eyes, perhaps a Gemini.  I laid the spread the spread the same day I discovered that Johnny Depp had officially confirmed his split from long-term partner Vanessa Paradis.  You work it out 😉

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     Count Dracula (alongside fellow Victorian gentleman, Sherlock Holmes) holds the dubious honour of being the Movie World’s hardest working (and most abused) literary character.

     Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 adaptation is a gloriously bombastic mountain of soft-focus eroto-nonsense but a highly recommended guilty pleasure.

     Coppola claimed that his version would be the closest ever interpretation of Stoker’s classic novel but his attempts to include every character whilst frequently switching narrative perspective makes for a cluttered and unfocused movie.  Dracula is depicted in his numerous evolving guises but the inclusion of a psuedo-historical prologue forces a new reincarnation theme on the tale.

     Dracula was released just prior to Neil Jordan’s adaptation of  Interview With The Vampire and has too much in common with Anne Rice’s genre-changing interpretation of vampire archetypes as immortal dreamboats.  Coppola’s film oozes lush Freudian imagery; sinking suns, blood cells, eyes, nipples and fragrant blooms are everywhere.

     Oldman himself admitted to essaying Dracula as “a Fallen Angel” and the beloved actor deserves much credit for creating a tour-de-force (and cohesive) performance with a role that required him to play a medieval relic, a romantic Victorian Prince, a wolfman, a bat and just about every stage in between.

     His Eastern European accent is sublime or ridiculous but unforgettable either way.  Many have forgotten that he was nominated for an Oscar for this role.  As a Fantasy character he was never likely to win (even The Lord Of The Rings failed to gain plaudits for its cast) but his creation is every bit as unique as Depp’s Jack Sparrow.

     Rumour has it that Winona Ryder petitioned hard to have her then boyfriend Johnny Depp cast as Jonathan Harker.  Depp fans would no doubt love to have seen this but it is hard to imagine how he could have improved or altered the end result.  Some films are actually enhanced by unintentional comedy moments.  Keanu Reeves is one long comedy moment.   It is enough that Reeves is simply awful and memorable (with a grey streak that turns into a continuity nightmare and helpfully distracts from his lack of performance).

     Perhaps it is time to watch Coppola’s Dracula again.  The set and costume designs are lavish, Lucy’s beheading has genuine chills, Antony Hopkins goes all out to match Oldman’s Method mania and the orchestral score is magnificent.

     It’s guilty, yes…but pleasurable.



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Brazillia R. Kreep

Barnabas II

portrait II of johnny depp as barnabas collins

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A huge thank you to Stacy Blaise for sharing this amazing vid. Marilyn AND Johnny! Gentlemen please! You are spoiling us!

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     Good Morning Blogsprites!

     I wasn’t quite sure if I was still dreaming when I heard this morning’s news!

     Two of my favourites, Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson are set to collaborate on a new cover-version of Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”.

     Could it be more perfect?  I must be dreaming.

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     Updated 12/02/2015

    Can you spot Johnny Depp’s school photo in this promotion for Dark Shadows…




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