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     So far this month we have dared to peek through the looking-glass at some strange and beautiful interpretations of Beauty And The Beast and Little Red Riding Hood – now its Snow White’s turn.

     The images below have been added to the permanent album “Faerie Lore & Fairy Tales”.  Head to the Gallery tab to peruse them all…

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Beauty & The Beast

Little Red Riding Hood


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     This month’s Lego fix features Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty & The Beast and a rather startled Little Mermaid.

     Just hover over the images for extra information…

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     Dark Fairy Tales & Faerie Lore enchanted everyone at The Arcade Of Arts & Arcana throughout 2012 https://lilywight.com/2012/04/01/the-wonderful-world-of-froud-aprils-magickal-thing/.

     Brew yourself something strong, sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the rare gems recommended in the posts Pitch Black & Fey On Film…













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Artworks 2009-2010

  • These paintings were done in 2009 – 2010,
    Mixture of Client, Contest, and personal work.
  • Satanic DecalcomaniaSize: 29.03 x 48.38 (cm) Year: 2010 (May) Medium: Digital (Photoshop, Painter, 3DSMAX, Zbrush)
    This is the illustration that were commissioned from a Japanese illustration magazine.
  • Details of “Satanic Decalcomania”
  • Detail of “Lord of Load”
  • >
  • Parrot King
    Size: 25.x 46.4 (cm) Year: 2010 (April) Medium: Digital (Photohsop, Painter)
  • Details of “Parrot King”
  • <
  • Tigars are here
    Size: 33.3 x 33.3 (cm) Year: 2009 (October) Medium: Digital (Photohsop)
    This is the personal work for my new year card. 2010 was the year of tiger in Japan.
  • Details of “Tigars are here”
  • <
  • <
    Red Riding HoodSize: 18.14 x 29.53 (cm) Year: 2009 (August) Medium: Digital Tool: Pencil, Photohsop, Painter
    One of my favorite motif is Red Riding Hood. This short story has inspired me a lot.
  • Details of  “Red Ridigng Hood”
  • Charisma…

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     I thought you might enjoy this lovely little flash animation from Button Films 😉


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     Hello Blogsprites,

     Many of you may remember the Cannon Fairy Tale films.  Here is a little reminder for Dark Fairy Tale Month, the music accompanying the opening credits is enough to give you nightmares!

     While you are here don’t forget to check out April’s Magickal Thing with a link to Brian Froud in the sidebar. x


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     Few Fairy Tales are as dark and multifaceted as Little Red’s.

     Angela Carter wrote the screenplay for Neil Jordan’s lush and evocative adaptation of Carter’s own collected short writings and radio plays.

     This wonderful fan trailer for The Company of Wolves is by the talented Hedge Labyrinth with music from the Requiem For A Dream soundtrack.

     Thank heaven for little girls, they grow up in the most peculiar ways …



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