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It’s movie month at http://www.lilywight.com so here is a brilliant vintage photo from a brilliant film re-posted from a brilliant blog 🙂

The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog


I love this shot!

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     Hello Blogsprites!

     Summer 2012 is a total wash-out here in the United Kingdom so I will endeavour to make this month at The Arcade of Arts & Arcana as enchanting and enticing as possible!

     July will be dedicated to strings and things; to the cute puppet friends who delighted us in childhood to the creepy, pant-wetting, spindle-limbed horrors that still haunt our adult nightmares…  no?  Just me then 😉

     I also hope to squeeze in a few reviews and recommendations for some unusual Graphic Novels and present some Blog Awards whilst saying thanks for those I have recently received.

     I have updated and launched a brand new album in the Gallery (you can click the header tab to visit, free entry as usual) or simply click the sample pictures below…






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Invisible Kitty

I’ve been enjoying a lot of “scary eyes” photos today!

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