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     Movie month at Lily Wight ~ The Arcade of Arts & Arcana (www.lilywight.com)  was brought to you by the following films;


     Role Models

     The Artist

     25th Reich

     Iron Sky


     The Dark Knight Rises

     The Amazing Spider-Man

     Evil Rising

     The Happiness Of The Katakuris

     Ice Age 4: Continental Drift

     The Secret Adventures Of Tom Thumb

     The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn

     The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

     A Dangerous Method

     21 Jump Street

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     Plot ~ A silent movie actor’s career wains as the ingenue he helped discover becomes a star in talking pictures.

     The Artist may be black, white and silent but it is an entirely modern picture; self-referential and played with a stylized yet knowing subtlety.

     The too familiar tale combines  Singin’ In The Rain with various versions of A Star Is Born yet it jettisons cynicism in favour of pure fantasy and romance.  The leads impress with Berenice Bejo stealing her scenes, even from the world’s most famous Jack Russell Terrier!  The enchanting sequence in which she imagines an overcoat is her lover summons pure movie magic.

     There is a moment when The Artist teeters on the brink of becoming an entirely different and perhaps bolder movie.  Silent Era hero George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) experiences sound as a surreal nightmare intruding into his off-screen life.  It is a moment in striking contrast to the rest of the film that gives way, perhaps unwisely,  to the predictable and indulgently heart-warming.

     The Artist is a glorious rose-tinted love letter to the history of film, with nods to everything from Metropolis to Top Hat.  It may be old at heart, but in an era of blockbuster excess and unglamourous independent pictures The Artist feels remarkably fresh.

     Verdict ~ Pulls it’s punches but deserves its plaudits for shameless good-looks and charm.

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